Euro Millions Max Syndicate

Play in a Euro Millions Max Syndicate with WinTrillions for greatly improved odds

The Euro Millions lottery is one of the biggest jackpot lotto games available anywhere in the world. Although the starting jackpot is approximately £12 million, jackpots have a tendency to get a lot bigger as a result of multiple rollovers. There have been many jackpots reaching in excess of £100 million in this lottery’s 9 year history. The odds of winning the Euro Millions jackpot are 1 in 116,531,800 but if you play as a member of a WinTrillions Euro Millions Max syndicate your jackpot winning odds are significantly better.

Each Euro Millions Max syndicate receives 50 entries into each of the two weekly draws giving you a total of 100 chances of winning every week. There are 80 shares in each syndicate so any winnings are equally divided between each of these shares. Therefore, the more shares you purchase the greater proportion of any winnings you receive.

After you have chosen and paid for you syndicate shares you will receive an email with confirmation of your order. Scanned copies of your ticket(s) are then uploaded to your WinTrillions member’s area for you to view at your leisure. The actual ticket(s) are stored securely on your behalf by the company’s auditors.

There is no fixed cost of joining a syndicate as the price you pay depends on how many syndicate shares you buy and how long you choose to play for. You can get involved for as little as £25; this will give you one syndicate share and will give you entry into 4 draws over a two week period.

As soon as the operators of the Euro Millions announce the prizes for each category, your syndicate numbers are automatically checked and you will be informed of any winnings coming your way. As the lottery syndicate manager, WinTrillions will claim the winnings on behalf of all syndicates members. Your share of syndicate winnings totalling up to $600 will be made directly to your WinTrillions member’s area, from where you can withdraw your money. Winnings in excess of $600 can still be paid into your member’s area or via a cheque or bank transfer depending on your personal preference as well as you local banking laws.

If you are looking for a cost effective way of playing the Euro Millions with vastly improved odds, then the Euro Millions Max syndicate is well worth checking out.