Lucky Number

What is a lucky number? How can one find their own personal lucky numbers to use in a lottery game? There are many methods for doing so. On our website you can use many methods, scientific, spiritual or mathematical, even astrology, in order to find your lucky lotto numbers for the upcoming draw. Many people like to use their birthday or a loved ones birthday and some even have made up their own techniques where they add the sum of a few peoples birthday and divide by 2 or any other strategy for picking numbers that they feel lucky about.

Around %50 of lottery winners, who won a big jackpot worth millions of dollars, swear by their own personal method or a method that works using some kind of technique or strategy for finding lucky numbers. Others who have won the lottery swear that it was just because of pure luck and using quick pick. Whatever the method, we are here to help you understand the different methods and strategies in order to find your favorite way of picking your lucky numbers.

The lucky numbers that we give out on a daily basis on our website are not guaranteed to get you a win, they are only posted after using one of the strategies of techniques of finding lucky numbers or by using a few of them mixed together. Each day we post the lucky numbers for the lottery draw today and keep our fingers crossed hoping to hear that one of our customers has won the jackpot.

LottoGal, who is the admin of this website, plays the lottery at least once a week online, and uses the same lucky numbers that we post here on the website.