How to Win the Lotto

LottoGal the main writer on this blog, has brought you this website (read the About page here) in order to help you in winning the lottery! What does it mean to win the lottery though? When your ticket gets you a $20 prize did you win? Or did you win when you hit the $100,000,000 jackpot? Whatever way you see it, we believe firmly in the saying “You Have To Be In It To Win It” meaning that no matter the technique that you use to choose your lucky lotto numbers for the upcoming draw, as long as you actually buy a ticket you have a chance at winning something.

Techniques and Methods For Picking Lucky Numbers to Win the Lottery

The list can go on and on but on our website, our subscribers get to use the following techniques to pick their lucky numbers:

  • Astrology – Around %5 of lottery winners swear by this method.
  • Horoscope – Around %4 of lottery winners use this method.
  • Software – %1 of lottery winners used software to win.
  • Quick Pick – %50 of lottery winners use quick pick.

Other winners, around %40, use their own lucky numbers that they choose in their own special way, be it by using their own equation, or birthday dates or any thing else that they feel brings them luck for picking numbers.

Where to Buy Tickets

Basically there are two options, you can either go to your nearest store or gas station where an official lotto agent sells tickets or you can buy your tickets online. LottoGal buys her tickets online, this way she can play almost any lottery game without having to go to different stores and she dowsn’t need to leave her home to buy tickets on a rainy day.

How to Win – The Odds

The odds of winning a jackpot for each lotto game are the same from draw to draw no matter how many roll-overs or tickets are sold (in most lotto games). For example the odds of winning the US Powerball jackpot prize are almost 1 in 300 million. It does not matter how many tickets you buy, each ticket will still have a 1 in almost 300 million chance of winning. Techniques to pick lucky numbers are not scientifically or mathematically proven to increase your chances of winning. There is no %100 proven and factual method of picking lucky numbers to win the lottery although winning is many cases is done by using a Quick Pick method.

Quick Pick Versus Other Methods

As we wrote above, quick pick might actually improve you chances of winning, because most winners used quick pick, but on the other hand most people use quick pick when they buy their tickets, meaning that there is no way to know for sure if it is actually a better choice for winning.

No matter the method you choose, remember, You Have To Be In It To Win It.