WinTrillions VIP Loyalty Program

WinTrillions uses its VIP loyalty program to reward its customers for their business. These rewards come in the form of special bonuses, gifts and discounted lottery subscriptions. Every time you play in a lottery syndicate or Millionaire Raffle with WinTrillions, your receive reward points. The more points that you accrue the more free stuff you will receive in return via the loyalty program.

Getting involved in the VIP loyalty program is easy. All you need to do is register an account with WinTrillions and make a purchase and you will be automatically entered into the loyalty program. Then every time you spend £2 on either a syndicate share or Millionaire Raffle, you will earn 1 VIP loyalty point. The more money you spend, the more points you will ultimately earn.

Once you have accrued some loyalty points you can redeem them and receive some great discounts on your future syndicate and Millionaire Raffle purchases. Indeed, if you have managed to build up a good number of reward points, you may well be able to play your next game form free. You receive a £1 discount on your future purchase with every 25 reward points that you gather. You can check your number of loyalty points by logging into your WinTrillions account at any time.

To start gathering loyalty points with WinTrillions simply register an account and start playing some of the top quality lottery games on offer.